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the country comprises an archipelago, with only the three largest islands (Malta, Ghawdex or Gozo, and Kemmuna or Comino) being inhabited; numerous bays provide good harbors;

Malta and Tunisia are discussing the commercial exploitation of the continental shelf between their countries, particularly for oil exploration
Malta history
Great Britain formally acquired possession of Malta in 1814.

The island staunchly supported the UK through both world wars and remained in the Commonwealth when it became independent in 1964.

A decade later Malta became a republic.

Since about the mid-1980s, the island has transformed itself into a freight transshipment point, a financial center, and a tourist destination.

Malta became an EU member in May 2004 and began using the euro as currency in 2008.
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Conventional long form: Republic of Malta

Conventional short form: Malta

Local long form: Repubblika ta' Malta

Local short form: Malta
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Malta's capital city is Valletta
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Malta Constitution:

amended many times
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Malta population growth rate: 0.359%
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Malta highest point: Ta'Dmejrek 253 m (near Dingli)
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Malta lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m
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About 31% of Malta's land is arable.
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Malta birth rate is 10 births/1,000 population
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Malta infant mortality rate is 4 deaths/1,000 live births
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Malta fertility rate is 1.53 children born/woman
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Malta climate:

mild, rainy winters;
hot, dry summers
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Top 10 cities of Malta with populations (2012 est.) are:
1. Birkirkara: 21,676
2. Qormi: 18,230
3. Mosta: 17,789
4. Żabbar: 15,030
5. San Pawl il-Baħar: 14,057
6. Rabat: 12,914
7. San Ġwann: 12,346
8. Fgura: 11,819
9. Żejtun: 11,549
10. Sliema: 11,318
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Malta ethnic groups:

Maltese (descendants of ancient Carthaginians and Phoenicians with strong elements of Italian and other Mediterranean stock)
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Malta Exports:

machinery and mechanical appliances; mineral fuels, oils and products; pharmaceutical products; printed books and newspapers; aircraft/spacecraft and parts thereof; toys, games, and sports requisites
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Malta Imports:

mineral fuels, oils and products;
electrical machinery; aircraft/spacecraft and parts thereof;
machinery and mechanical appliances;
plastic and other semi-manufactured goods;
vehicles and parts thereof
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unicameral House of Representatives (normally 65 seats; members are elected by popular vote on the basis of proportional representation by the Single Transferrable Vote (STV) to serve five-year terms; note - the parliament elected in 2008 is composed of 69 seats; when the political party winning an absolute majority of first-count votes (or a plurality of first-count votes in an election where only two parties are represented in parliament) does not win an absolute majority of seats, the constitution provides for the winning party to be awarded additional number of seats in parliament to guarantee it an absolute majority; in the event that more than two parties are represented in parliament, with none acquiring the absolute majority of votes, the party winning the majority of seats prevails

Administrative Divisions:
68 localities (Il-lokalita); Attard, Balzan, Birgu, Birkirkara, Birzebbuga, Bormla, Dingli, Fgura, Floriana, Fontana, Ghajnsielem, Gharb, Gharghur, Ghasri Ghaxaq, Gudja, Gzira, Hamrun, Iklin, Imdina, Imgarr, Imqabba, Imsida, Imtarfa, Isla, Kalkara, Kercem, Kirkop, Lija, Luqa, Marsa, Marsaskala, Marsaxlokk, Mellieha, Mosta, Munxar, Nadur, Naxxar, Paola, Pembroke, Pieta, Qala, Qormi, Qrendi, Rabat, Rabat (Ghawdex), Safi, San Giljan/Saint Julian, San Gwann/Saint John, San Lawrenz/Saint Lawrence, Sannat, San Pawl il-Bahar/Saint Paul's Bay, Santa Lucija/Saint Lucia, Santa Venera/Saint Venera, Siggiewi, Sliema, Swieqi, Tarxien, Ta' Xbiex, Valletta, Xaghra, Xewkija, Xghajra, Zabbar, Zebbug, Zebbug (Ghawdex), Zejtun, Zurrieq
Political parties and leaders:
Alternativa Demokratika/Alliance for Social Justice (AD) (Green Party) - Michael BRIGUGLIO
Labor Party (PL) - Joseph MUSCAT
Nationalist Party (PN) - Lawrence GONZI